International Student Union of Stavanger`s List

Better Education Through Interntionalization 

Shaping a more International UiS

ISU Stavanger

Having UiS perceived as a more international entity is one of the core beliefs of ISU. A number of issues are to be tackled for us to achieve the expected internationalization of the university. First of all, we see an opportunity to improve our university reputation by including it in the international ranking lists, and we are planning to work on that by requiring more cooperation in gathering the citation data from our different departments, improving the alumni data.

On a student aspect, we believe in creating more exchange opportunities by aiming towards more partnerships with universities worldwide, and activating the role of exchange office in looking for these possibilities and filling up their staff ranking to focus more on advertising and social media. Moreover, it is vital to facilitate student participation in conferences by cutting down the bureaucratic barriers in terms of allocating funds for them, which rendered many students unable to take part in such events.

Enhancing accommodation and living conditions for students

Implementing a fair application process for accommodation that foresees all students having equal chances in getting the place most appropriate for them is one of ISU top priorities. As of now, international students coming to UiS don’t have any preference in picking their housing and left with one option decided for them, forcing them to accept it on spot in a very hard scenario to refute it and find a more suitable place, especially for a newcomer to the city of Stavanger. Therefore, we will work hard to see a change in the current application system to make sure international students don’t feel any unjust regarding this process.

Another big issue that need to be addressed is the Sola housing, which portrays a big problem for most of the students who are sent there. The current trend is to enforce most of the exchange student to live there in a poor transportation coverage, leaving them in isolation of the city and the university, and depriving them of their chance to experience Norway in their short stay here, and we in ISU believe in fixing this problem in order to highlight a better and more attracting image for UiS internationally.

Providing the students with more convenient commuting experience

Even Though the student parliament succeeded in keeping the library at UiS open for 24 hours last year, this accomplishment stays incomplete with the fact that no proper transportation is offered at late hours, so for this year we would like to see a better implementation for bus routes after midnight, especially ones that commute the students from the universities back to their houses, rather than trapping them there until 6 A.M.

Another issue regarding transportation, is the age limit enforced by the transportation on student tickets, the current criteria grants students under 32 only the right to buy discounted tickets, which stands against the beliefs of ISU in equal rights to all students regardless of any other criteria, and therefore we will work on wavering that condition.

Free education is competitive advantage in today`s globalized world

ISU has a clear policy that the principle of free education is one of the cornerstones of Norwegian higher education. Therefore, we oppose against any proposals that suggests adding tuition fees for international students, as has been suggested lately.


Abdelnour Alhourani
Ricky Dalys
Eirinaios Chatzillari
Aly Osama Aly Mohamad
Steve Ramonier
Amalia Handini Astari
Kamil Przymuszala
Jules Dao
Theodor Rozos
Mahnoush Sadat Mirhabibi
Amir Hosein Araskalei
Jieun Choi
Camilo Cardenas
Rami Zughayar
Maliheh Salimi
Konstantinos Trantzas